Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Allows training for one officer, partners, clearing teams, active shooter drills and SWAT team missions.

VIRTSIM trainees are fully immersed “head to toe” in scenarios that test their ability to perform appropriate tactics while approaching an entry point, conducting visual clears, room entries, clearing hallways, stairs and conducting team clears.

Trainees have complete freedom to move tactically as they would during normal operations.  They can kneel, go prone, crawl, jump and run throughout the full volume (up to 5,000 square feet - equivalent to a basketball court) unrestricted by wires or tethers.

During 2009, the FBI procured and currently uses VIRTSIM. It is located at the FBI Academy, Quantico, VA and is operated and controlled by the Practical Applications Unit. The VIRTSIM system is primarily used to augment tactical training provided to every New Agent that enters on duty with the FBI. 

Customizable Scenarios

Customizable Scenarios

The VIRTSIM system allows training in a range of reconfigurable environments.

User- customizable scenarios can be configured within these environments to train individuals in weapon discipline, making deadly force decisions, covering danger areas, team clearing techniques, use of cover and concealment, and communications among team members.  All while engaged in a 360 degree threat environment.

Training Gear

Replica Handgun

The VIRTSIM replica handgun provides realism in weight and dimensions, providing recoil and requires reloading of magazines. The replica handgun can represent different handgun configurations virtually.

VIRTSIM Replica Handgun

Replica Rifle

The VIRTSIM replica rifle provides realism in weight and dimensions. The replica rifle provides the trainee with recoil, limited number of rounds per magazine, and if elected random malfunctions. This offers the trainee the ability to perform immediate action drills to clear malfunctions.

VIRTSIM Replica Rifle

Trainee Gear Kit

The VIRTSIM trainee gear kit is designed to be worn over existing personalized equipment such as plate carriers, chest rigs and belts.

Training Gear

3D After Action Review

Each trainee's performance is summarized in a database for the team leader's easy access.

VIRTSIM After Action Report (AAR) capability addresses trainees’ performance ranging from basic individual movement to the more complex nature of team clears. This 3D AAR provides playback of all actions and shots from every angle, as well as from each participant’s individual perspective.  All trainee body motions and all shots fired by every participant are recorded and displayed, and every training session is automatically catalogued and stored in an accessible database.  These sessions are available for replay at any time.

Trainers can evaluate weapon discipline, areas of responsibility, use of cover and concealment, employment of deadly force and every shot a trainee has fired, allowing them to address safety concerns and tactical errors throughout the process.