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Motion Reality, with a rich history of developing real time motion capture for the entertainment industry, integrates proprietary motion tracking algorithms with tetherless virtual reality technologies to create turn-key systems that meet our clients' needs. Our custom solutions are highly valued in military and law enforcement training, visualization applications for the film, television and gaming industries, sports performance evaluation and location-based entertainment venues.

With a talented team of software developers, systems specialists, engineers, artists and animators we have developed, integrated and deployed this technology worldwide, one that blends motion capture with virtual reality to create the optimal immersive experience.


motion capture + virtual reality

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technology + engineering


Integrating full body motion capture technology with the latest virtual reality hardware, we create highly immersive, real time environments in which up to 12 people can seamlessly blend real world movement into virtual world simulations and scenarios.



Generating stunning animation, captivating visuals and immersive experiences, you can not only bring your actors' motions into virtual environments allowing planning, direction and capture in real time but also are able to immerse clients into virtual worlds they could never have otherwise imagined.


By accurately representing, quantifying and reviewing whole body motion using our 3D motion capture and virtual reality technology, you are able to optimize all aspects of performance including technique, rehabilitation and cognitive training in team and individual sports.

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1750 Enterprise Way, Suites 105/106, Marietta Ga

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