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skill analysis

Analyzing sport specific technique and skill using our proprietary motion capture software allows athletes and coaches to determine specifically where gains can be made in order to optimize performance in the future. By providing accurate motion data encompassing the whole body we are able to both determine current ability and also evaluate progression over time while providing constructive feedback through quantifying motion and use of our real time "step-into" overlay technology.

Partnerships with TaylorMade Golf Company, the San Francisco Giants and Division 1 NCAA colleges have seen thousands of athletes gain valuable insight and knowledge into how to go about increasing performance in their respective sports.


virtual reality

Leaning on our experience in virtual reality training we have been able to integrate athletic evaluation using motion capture with cognitive training through VR immersion. By placing an athlete in virtual situations where decision making is vital, we are able to measure both the ability to perform the task well and see the desired outcome as well as the body motion required to learn the skills necessary for future success.


We have had past success in football, simulating plays for QB training with our NCAA clients where athletes were immersed into a well known video game to measure the decision making process and physical performance characteristics under game-like conditions. The possibilities where integrated VR and performance training are beneficial for additional sports such as soccer, tennis and baseball are currently under development.

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