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motion capture

Utilizing a combination of optical, inertial and other protocols for tracking motion, we are able to accurately capture the nuances of the performer's movement and present it in real time for instant review. You can capture both scaled and re-targeted motions using either one of our custom tracking skeletons or by supplying one of your own.

Historically, Motion Reality technology was the first to collect real time human 3D motion for video games in the 1990's and has provided full body motion capture for multiple feature films in the early 2000's. We are now returning to our roots in the game industry and are supplying character motions for future inclusion in some of the most well known franchises.



Using motion capture combined with a real time rendering engine we can quickly explore different visions to make the film making process much more efficient. Pre-visualization allows for
better planning and effective communication of the shot sequences that go into a production.

Our proprietary motion capture tracking pipeline can be seamlessly imported into and has direct compatibility with the most widely used engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity allowing use of multiple visualization tools within your studio.



In creating large-scale, highly immersive virtual reality entertainment opportunities that otherwise would not be possible outside of the home, we have combined our knowledge of real time motion capture and tetherless VR hardware to produce multi-player experiences that will place you at the heart of the battle. The game situations are endless and the virtual play area unlimited - you can team up with friends to defeat the enemy or play against each other in the ultimate force-on-force encounter.

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